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What is Ad Relevance?

Similarly to how Search Engines use Search Relevance technology to provide the best web results on the Search page, uses Ad Relevance technology to provide the best results on the paid advertising side of the Search page.

For most people, the Search Engine provides relevant results if the web sites shown have the information they are seeking to find. People enter keyword queries that have several meanings, and the Search Engine has to interpret the meaning or the person’s intention based on several factors. Sometimes the results are dependent on seasonality and region. Someone typing the word ‘bonds’ in New York’s Wall Street region is most likely looking for information on financial bonds. On the other hand, someone who types ‘bonds’ in San Francisco during baseball season is likely looking for Barry Bonds information. The Search Engines have to interpret the intention of the user based on other factors beside the actual keyword provided.’s Ad Relevance Engine™ measures Ad Relevance based on how a particular ad performs when shown as a result of a keyword query. If the ad met the person’s intentions so he clicked on the ad and purchased the product being advertised then the ad is relevant to the keyword query. The best indicator of whether an ad is relevant to a person’s query is the keyword being typed. All SEM firms use keywords to select when to show their ads. is unique in additionally using other factors to more accurately measure Ad Relevance. A few of the additional factors are: creative variations, where the ad is showing, what is the match type of the ad, where is the person and what day of the week is the person entering the keyword.

For example, if’s client is Yahoo! Personals (an online dating service provider) should their ad show on a very generic keyword like ‘dating’?’s Ad Relevance Engine will test ‘dating’ using a variety of factors and see which creative and landing page works best on, in New York, on a Saturday afternoon using exact match. If the Yahoo! Personals ad meets the intentions of the New Yorker on AOL looking for a date on Saturday, then the ad is relevant to him. The ad may not be as relevant to the intentions of someone typing ‘dating’ in Wichita Kansas on a Wednesday morning who is looking for local dating services.’s Ad Relevance Engine tests 50+ versions of each keyword ad to measure the Relevance of even the most generic keywords. Relevance is measured by the orders or leads at the advertiser’s site. The more orders or leads per 100 clicks, the higher the keyword ad variation will show in the particular search page on a particular city at a particular day of the week.