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Learn how you can achieve the optimal performance in your Paid Advertising campaigns. PrecisionView clients have seen on average, a 248% performance improvement and most importantly, a deeper understanding of what works for their campaigns.

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An Unique Approach for Search Advertising Optimization

Our state of the art technology and unique methodology achieves the maximum results because it tracks and measures the value of all possible targeting variations across each search advertising network. You benefit from maximum performance gains because we:

MAX Architecture

MAX takes advantage of Segmentation and Targeting techniques to optimize each individual Keyword by Geography, Time of Day and a handful of other dimensions.

It does this by placing each high-volume Keyword in its own Campaign. This allows the use of Enhanced Campaigns for Geo-targeting and Day/Time optimization.

Other dimensions require the use of separate, replicated Campaigns. For example Syndication optimization (whether a click came from, or one of their Search Partners).

Replication Campaigns are also used for Device optimization, even though it's possible using Enhanced Campaigns. The reason is that the behavior of Mobile users is sufficiently different from Desktop users that Geo- and Day/Time optimization varies greatly by Device type.

Best of all, MAX does this by transparently making new copies of your head terms, thus leaving the original copy in your hand-created Campaigns where they can still be Paused/Activated, new Creatives can be added etc. Manage your Campaign they way you always have, and MAX works behind the scenes to get you the best performance possible.

Our software will identify the Top Terms, create 20 or so Targeting Campaigns for each Keyword, and then Optimize them over time. Our Optimizer also allows you to set Budgets and ROI targets at the logical Keyword level, rather than having to do so for each of the 20 copies of the Keyword.

MAX sweats the details to create an arcane Campaign architecture that simply maximizes performance.