Acquisition done better - Acquisition done better

Drive More Revenue from the Paid Search Advertising Channel

Paid search advertising is an effective but extremely competitive medium. This customer acquisition channel may already be delivering profitable revenue for your company, but are you really maximizing it’s potential? gets the most out of Paid Search by going far deeper into the details and optimizing your campaign down to the click level.

Let Our Results Show You How We’re Different

Each keyword can represent thousands of clicks. Many advertisers make the mistake of grouping clicks by the thousands at the keyword level, and calculating a single CPC for them. gives you deeper analysis that lets you evaluate results at the click level. By doing so, you can re-allocate your media spending and optimize against the higher revenue-generating clicks, while managing low-converting clicks to lower CPC’s. Read more on our unique approach for Search Advertising.

Campaign Structuring for Optimized Performance

Our latest product, MAX, takes individual, high-volume keywords and places them each in their own campaign. When used in conjunction with Enhanced Campaigns, this allows us to do Geo- and Day/Time targeting for that specific Keyword, rather than using an average of all the Keywords within a campaign.

Furthermore, about 20 other replicated copies the Keyword are placed in their own private campaigns as well, to optimize for other Segmentation criteria such as Syndication (which site a click comes from), Device, Match Type etc.

We even use Replication Campaigns to do Day-parting, so that the Evening day-part is at the proper time for Eastern Timezone states versus Pacific Timezone states.

Equally importantly, this complex campaign structuring is done by software. The account management team creates a normal, logical campaign, and MAX will copy Keywords out of their home location and create the Replication Campaigns in an isolated, synchronized fashion.

Unique Website Acceleration Technology

Where appropriate, the technology provided by our software development arm,, can be applied to speed up the execution of tracking and ad serving tags on our client's website.